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Apr 23 2012 - 8:19am


Illustration by EDEN PARKINSON/Bonneville High School/
Illustration by EDEN PARKINSON/Bonneville High School/

Technology surrounds us on a daily basis, however, the new craze of owning iPods, iPads or iPhones has teenagers searching for the most exciting, challenging, social and useful apps out there.

Here are 10 Top of Utah teens sharing their opinions on some of the most popular -- and lesser-known -- apps for you to discover, from launching wingless birds at protected pigs, to running for your life through obstacle-filled temple grounds.

Draw Something

Draw Something is a newly popular and very creative app. You choose a word to draw using different colors, and your picture will be sent to your opponent so they can try to guess what it is. The game continues as your opponent draws a picture back to you, and you try to guess what they drew.

When you guess someone else's drawing, or someone guesses yours, you get coins which you can save up to buy more colors for drawing with. The neat thing about Draw Something is that you can play more than one person at a time; you just keep adding people to your current games list and wait for them to draw you back.

Why it's cool: "I'm addicted to Draw Something, and I usually play it all day," says Abby Wehrli, a sophomore at Northridge High School who plays the game on her iPod. "I just wait for people to draw me back, and then I draw them back whenever I get a chance; whether I'm at school or just doing something around the house, it's fun to see and try to guess my friends' drawings!"


Instagram is a photo editing and sharing app; download it and you can instantly transform and share your photos on different networks. Take a picture, upload it to your Instagram app, and then choose between a variety of editing filters that make your pictures look more creative and unique.

Once you've had fun changing your picture and are happy with the way it turned out, you can share it with friends and family. For example, you can give snapshots an older, faded look by using a certain filter and blurring the edges. Instagram is quick and lets you even change the size of your photo instantly.

Why it's cool: "I use Instagram every time I take pictures, and I like it because it makes my pictures look better," says Chris Coleman, a senior at Clearfield High who has the app on his iPhone. "I also like sharing legit, sophisticated and spontaneous photos with my friends."

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is an intriguing and addicting game that has you constantly wanting to beat your previous scores. In the Fruit Ninja app, fruit is thrown randomly through your screen and you have to slice it using a slicing movement on the touch screen.

You must slice all of the fruit, because once three pieces fall without being sliced you lose the game. You may get extra points for slashing multiple fruits at a time, but watch out for the bombs that are thrown in with the fruits. Try to slice those and you will lose one of your three lives!

Why it's cool: "I play Fruit Ninja whenever I'm bored!" says Kaitlin Verbitski, a sophomore at Northridge High who uses her iPhone. "My friend always beats me and I'm determined to beat her score of 619! I probably play Fruit Ninja every day about three times, it's so entertaining!"

Sound Hound

Sound Hound is a sound recognition app used to figure out the name or lyrics of a song you don't know. You can search for a song or artist, or even use it on songs when you don't know either the name or artist. Just press listen on the app, hold it up to where the music is coming from so it can record a few lines, and then it will tell you every detail about the song. Sound Hound even gives you all of the lyrics and knows which album the song is from.

Why it's cool: Kailey Thompson, a Syracuse High sophomore who has the app on her iPhone, says, "I use the Sound Hound app a lot, because when I'm in a store or in the car and I hear a song I like but I don't know what it's called or who it's by, I always just pull out my phone and use it to find out. It's so easy and really helpful!"

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an adventure game where you are a boy, Barry, who is rocketing through the air with a jetpack. In this app you hurl bullets toward different objects, depending on what level you're on, while controlling Barry's height in the air. A lot of different obstacles begin to appear, trying to limit where you go, so look out for lasers, missiles, electricity fields and more.

Why it's cool: "I play Jetpack Joyride at least twice a day," says Josh Hawes, a sophomore at Clearfield High who uses his iPod for the game. "Usually I play it in class after I finish assignments because it's fun and helps pass the time when there isn't much else to do."

Temple Run

Temple Run is an intriguing game where you get to be an explorer who tries to steal an idol from a huge temple; then you must run away from crazy monkeys that chase you through the outside temple grounds. You have to turn, jump and slide using the touch screen to maneuver through countless obstacles.

Your goal is to not get eaten by the monkeys, so make sure you don't trip or they will get closer and closer to you. This app will have you trying to constantly beat your friends' and families' scores as you try to get farther along each time.

Why it's cool: Austin Taylor, a senior at Northridge High who plays on his iPhone, says, "I play Temple Run whenever I get bored because it's an exhilarating game!"

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a very well-known app modeled after the strategic video game. In this game, you use a slingshot to launch a bird at unique structures that protect the pigs you are aiming to hit. In each higher level, new birds appear, each with different abilities, and harder, more detailed structures are also built to conceal the pigs and keep them from getting attacked.

Why it's cool: "I love Angry Birds; I play it whenever I'm bored, which is most of the time," says Catherine Grigsby, a sophomore at Clearfield High who plays on her iPod. "I like it because it's super entertaining and never gets boring!"


Pinterest is a huge virtual pin board used to organize, share and browse through all kinds of different things. You may discover recipes, clothes, hairstyles, makeup techniques, decorations, quotes, workout routines and numerous other inspirational ideas.

You have to request an invite to start using the Pinterest app; then you can set up your own account and begin pinning. If you follow your friends' boards and they follow yours, you can see all of the creative and random ideas they pin. You can search through their pins, and if you like something, you can re-pin it to your own board. Also, you can pin things you find on the web by using links.

Why it's cool: "I love using my Pinterest app; it's my favorite because it's like a never-ending magazine that I can look at and share, all day -- every day," says Damonique Clair, a sophomore at Northridge High.

Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer is based on an original arcade game; with tons of coins piled in the app, you have to figure out where to put the new ones coming in so that they will push out more coins or prizes. There are tons of little tweaks that make this arcade game an exciting app to play on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Why it's cool: Grace Borges, a sophomore at Layton High who plays on her iPod says, "I play Coin Dozer a lot -- it's so addicting!"

Hey Tell

Hey Tell is a voice messenger app that lets you talk with your friends and family without having to text or call them. It's free, so you don't pay to talk either. All you have to do is create a contact list, find other people with the app, and then start "Hey Telling."

Hold down the button, say whatever it is that you want to say, and then just push send. Once the person you sent it to receives it, they'll be able to push listen and hear you talking. It's neat because you will hear each other's voices, so you not only waste less time texting, but you can understand the tone in the person's voice -- therefore less miscommunication problems!

Why it's cool: "I use Hey Tell whenever I have spare time, which is usually on a daily basis," says Alexandrea Gardner, a sophomore at Northridge High who uses the app on her iPhone. "I love it because I can talk to people without having to actually call them and waste my minutes."

Danielle Collier is a sophomore at Northridge High School. She enjoys volleyball, shopping and traveling. Email her at

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